If you read or use twitter, maybe it’s interesting for you that I’ve been preparing some lists with mostly technical accounts that are tweet about topics related to my website. I made these lists public hence if you think they may be interesting for you, feel free to subscribe. These lists are made of english tweeting accounts and will be updated regularly. I also try to remove inactive accounts from the lists.



Link to the list: https://twitter.com/i/lists/828541852798316545

This list is about DevOps related things (Cloud Providers and their people, some heavily DevOps related software, etc)



Link to the list: https://twitter.com/i/lists/913088536420786177

If you interested in Linux community and topics, subscribe this list.



Link to the list: https://twitter.com/i/lists/856462964223856640

Mostly security related accounts (companies, people, etc). If you know security community or you want to have access to some security bulletins, this is the list which should be helpful.


Go (programming language)

Link to the list: https://twitter.com/i/lists/828539207463424001

What can I say - links to important and well known twitter accounts about Go programming language community.


Rust (programming language)

Link to the list: https://twitter.com/i/lists/856474825644285952

Same as above but this is regarding Rust programming language.